OpenPandemic - ERP for Pandemic Management

Designed to Manage Pandemics while Protecting Individuals' Privacy



OpenPandemic is the first ERP system for pandemic management and consists of a central platform and a 100% anonymous mobile app. It enables health institutions and government bodies to monitor the development of infections and manage their resources in advance. The system helps with the management and prevention of second waves of COVID-19 and of other epidemics, as well as with the prediction of future epidemic outbreaks.



Each year there are more than 700 epidemic outbreaks worldwide. Currently, there is no process or platform for pandemic management that helps to contain the spread of epidemics - a solution that is useful not only to the government, health systems and relevant authorities, but also to the and users.



A central platform consisting of 14 modules and a mobile app that help to monitor & analyse the development of the outbreak. Our solution enables the management of the pandemic on all levels, tracks the spread of COVID-19 and other epidemics, and predicts future outbreaks. All modules are already fully developed and tested to work with 40 million data points.

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Benefits for Health Institutions and Governments 

Capacity Planning

Predictive analytics models for capacity planning - ICU admissions, number of beds, available hospital staff, patients requiring ventilators, available protection equipment, etc.

Quarantine zone management

When a given zone- be it an ATM machine, a supermarket, a hospital, or simply a geographical area - is marked as infected and is put under quarantine, people who have been in contact with this zone will be notified and can be quarantined and/or tested with priority.

Test management

Easy test management for health institutions, test prioritisation and planning.

Economic Predictions by Sector and ccupation

Users will enter their data which would help governments and relevant bodies to have a clearer picture on the economic developments by sector and occupation.

Travel Permits 

Management of travel permits at national borders, walk permits, E-passports.

Security & Privacy 

Only authorized health and government institutions of the country implementing the system will have access to people’s health information, and this will be restricted to specific users. As an enhanced protection , an individual can change their 6-digit User Code anytime.


User Benefits - Mobile App

QR Codes for Border Checkpoints

QR codes for border checkpoints. A negative test or a positive antibody test allows the user to obtain a travel permit with a QR code. Hence, users save time as they can surpass the visit of several institutions

Test Scheduling

Easy test scheduling with the app

Infection Probabilities

Notifications when you have been enough time in close proximity to an infected individual or when you have entered a high risk zone

Data on Queues

Real-time data on queues at supermarkets, pharmacies and large group gatherings that you can avoid (by Wazelike self-reporting). E-passports; easy use of travel permits and walk permits with QR codes.

Tracking Your Conditions

Entering symptoms and conditions, tracking user's development and prevention advice

Security & Privacy

100 % anonymous. You can choose to delete all data information about you any time

Privacy by Design

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Security and Privacy

  • The platform/app is fully compliant with the latest EU regulations regarding storage and data protection in COVID-19 toolkits from April 16, 2020.

  • The app works without mandatory registration and all data is encrypted

  • Not associated with device number or in any way with your identity or personal information

  • Uses Encrypted and Temporary Identification Codes

Our Team

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Who we are

Rossen Genchev (Bioseek, CEO and Co-founder), Bioseek’s team, Maria Nedina (Twitter, Head of Data Science - Finance), Georgi Ivanov (Noble Hire, CEO), PhDs in Statistics and Topology (Oxford University)


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